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To provide relevant, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to Tasmania businesses, in the areas of occupational health & safety (OHS), occupational hygiene, asbestos

Workplace Risk Solutions started in 2005 as Fresh Risk Solutions by Samantha Clarke. Incorporated in 2007, Fresh Risk Solutions P/L grew to meet the needs of their clients, with Simon Ercole joining as a Principal Consultant. From

  • Asbestos

    Fair dinkum advise without the shock therapy! Building/property owners - Planning is the key: Asbestos Management Plan Asbestos register
  • Occupational Health & Safety

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time... We know how OHS can feel - overwhelming, costly, time-wasting, excessive paperwork!
  • Occupational Hygiene

    It won't happen overnight but it will happen Occupational hygiene is often the 'poor cousin' of OHS. Why? Because it deals with workplace hazards that may have only a subtle effect or may not 'bite' straight away.

  • Working with Workplace Risk Solutions saves us money and time on our asbestos removal projects throughout Tasmania – which is great, as we do not have to pass added costs on to our Clients.

    Steve Parker